How to Play Three Card Poker

How to play Three Card Poker is the question most people ask when they are first learning the basics of poker. Most people do not even know how to place their hands correctly.

how to play three card poker

The way that you have to learn how to play Three Card Poker is to first learn how to read the game and how to properly hold your hand in front of you. The first thing that you have to do is to sit down, close your eyes and then look out at the table in front of you. Next, tell yourself that you will not be going to sleep until you win.

Now, take your hands and place them face down on the table, palms up. Make sure that your hands are straight and do not point in any other direction. If you are holding a deck of cards, try to remember the numbers from all the suit. Next, place your left hand down, followed by the right hand. You must know that you have four hands and the dealer has five.

Now, move your feet towards the poker table, using your heels for balance and your knees if possible. Now, turn your head towards the dealer to see where he is sitting and what cards are currently face up on the table. When you are looking for the dealer, try to be as polite as possible, but don’t lean too close to him or her. This may seem like a lot of effort, but once you begin playing the game, it’s all worth it.

When you are sitting down next to the dealer, put your right hand up against his right so that you can easily see the cards. When you have done this, place your left hand against his left so that you can easily see the cards. You must try to see each card in the deck, even if it looks like a certain card is flipped over, especially if the dealer is showing a straight face.

Now, place your left hand on the top of your right hand and put the top card of the deck over your left hand. Then place your right hand over the top of the left hand and place the top card of the deck over your right hand. This should help you figure out which hand has the face up cards. Once you are sure, place your left hand next to your right hand and move the face up card to your left.