Robert E. Lee Monument Comes Down To Pave Way for a New Casino in Richmond

Robert E. Lee Monument Comes Down To Pave Way for a New Casino in Richmond

Robert E. Lee Monument Comes Down To Pave Way for a New Casino in Richmond

Nowadays, September 8, 2021, the state of Virginia is removing the Robert E. Lee Memorial to pave the way for a new casino in Richmond. The monument has been the central point on the monumental avenue for over 130 years, with the government wanting to get rid of it. This raised many lawsuits challenging the removal of the monument.

Following the completion of these lawsuits, the state has permission to remove the civil war general. The state’s governor announced yesterday that the state’s biggest monument would be brought down this week. The governor added that removing the monument was vital in displaying who the state was and valued as a commonwealth.

The monument is a representation of the son of a Revolutionary War officer named Lee. He graduated from U.S. Military Academy as a trained wartime tactician who later served the Confederate States Army as basic. Lee led the Army of Northern Virginia from 1862 to 1985 when it surrendered.

Time to Adjust the History

Some southerners think the confederate statues represented efforts of the south in the civil war. But, critics consider otherwise.

These critics believe the monument represent white supremacist and mythologized type of southern heritage. They insist that the monument does not reflect the complex history of the city. According to these critics, having the memorial erect could additional promote inaccurate sentiments.

The removal of Robert E. Lee is a divisive subject. But, it marks a new beginning for the city mainly due to the fact it aligns with the most important investment in the history of Richmond. The proposed $600 million casino resort will be a black-owned corporation.

The removal of the 130-year-old monument and creating of a $600 million casino marks a important step in promoting diversity. It also marks a separation in between the city and its past in the Civil War.

Yet, a lot more has to be accomplished. Just recently, the Richmond City Council passed a resolution declaring racism a public wellness catastrophe. The unanimous vote favoring the motion calls for lawmakers to encourage regulations that promote the establishment of minority-owned businesses. The motion also implements new laws and policies contributing to anti-racism.

Introducing a Diverse-Owned Enterprise

On November 2, 2021, the individuals of Richmond city are anticipated to vote in favor or against developing a property referred to as One particular Casino + Resort. Many diverse nearby folks have invested in the project. If approved by Richmonders, the $600 million projects will proceed to the building phase.

One more investor in the project is Urban One particular. The media firm promises 1500 permanent jobs when the casino is up and running and 3000 building workers.

The project’s blueprint shows a 100,000 gaming space carrying one hundred table games, 1800 slot machines, and a sportsbook. The casino will be constructed close to Phillip Morris, featuring a 4-star hotel, an entertainment theater for Reside Nation, 55 acres of green space, tv and radio studios, and hotel rooms.

Urban 1 is campaigning for a new casino utilizing the slogan representing black America. This is a very good move thinking about residents have been using the Robert E. Lee Confederate to protest given that the murder of George Floyd in May possibly 2020. Making use of a slogan connected to Black Americans is a perfect way to pitch to the residents in Richmond, who are in a quest to finish racism in the city.

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