Doug Polk, Brad Owen, and Andrew Neeme Team Up To Buy Lodge Poker Club

Doug Polk, Brad Owen, and Andrew Neeme Team Up To Buy Lodge Poker Club


Three poker pros are coming with each other to enter the Texas poker business by investing in the Lodge Poker Club in Austin. The poker space is 1 of the most well-known in the country and the biggest in Central Texas. It also goes by Lodge Mahal.

Texas is a distinctive state in regards to laws about poker. For instance, taking rakes on pots is illegal. Consequently, a poker area has to operate as a club that charges players month-to-month membership charges daily or hourly seat costs.

Doug Polk is a legendary poker player, even though Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme are vloggers.

A New and Thrilling Adventure

Polk, who retires and returns to poker from time to time, hinted at starting a poker space in Texas through a YouTube video. The upswing poker founder explained that he did not know poker was prominent in Texas. The poker pro moved from Las Vegas to Texas in 2021, realizing how massive poker was in the state. This prompted him to consider of launching his personal area.

However, it would have taken him at least 18 months to develop a space from the ground up. Hence, Polk opted to buy a stake in an currently established poker area. Owen noted that he and the team were not buying the complete company. He stated the prior owner nonetheless had the most shares, followed by Doug and Andrew.

Doug, Owen, and Andrew are not the only poker pros to enter the Texas Poker marketplace. Johnny Chan was also in the business but had to sell his 88 Social Poker Club in Houston soon after a disagreement with his co-owner and financial issues.

The Trio Has Massive Future Plans

Owen and Neeme are the most common vloggers who host meet-up games across the country. The two are teaming up with Polk to take the poker sector additional. Speaking on the new partnership, Owen noted that he and Neeme had thought about owning a poker club in Texas for years.

Nevertheless, considering that the two have been not primarily based in the state, possessing a poker space in Texas would be hard. Fortunately, Doug approached Owen and Neeme making the vloggers’ concept doable. Neeme resides in Las Vegas but grew up in Michigan. The vloggers confirmed they will fly among Nevada and Austin often, now that they have invested in the Lodge Poker Club.

On the other hand, Doug promised to play at least twice a week in his new card area.

He communicated with the other owners by way of video for months before agreeing to invest in the poker space. The Lodge is the largest poker club in the Lone Star State. It has 60 card tables and was lately renovated, becoming one particular of Central Texas’s most aesthetically pleasing properties.

Currently, Owen is ready to host the greatest meet-up games later this month. Owen is anticipating at least 20 tables with a acquire-in of $two to $five. The poker club also plans to host the very first massive tournament considering that the new owners joined the club.

The Lodge will host several other events between January 24 and 30. On January 26, the poker space will host its Monthly Monster Tourney going for $600 purchase-in for the no-limit hold’em. With eight Day 1 starting flights, Owen predicts the tourney will attract a prize pool of $1 million, double the guaranteed prize money.

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